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technology in the in a short time

Be a lot of to is ex- to place a technique with industrial manufacturing industry related technique demand, these technical resolutions push to play to really need plenty of time, but have a few newly arisen professions but have no so many of ex- place a technique, completely can pass to develop them to acquire the opportunity of rapid development.
    The viewpoint that the original Yan flies is to have the initiative development information technique industry, because the information technique industry is a newly arisen industry.The information industry technique is ex- to place techniques few, and develop a potential huge, as long as owning a core technique, probably the development become a world-class super business enterprise, China have a few super business enterprises like this.
    But a few affairs of recent occurrence let the Yan fly a worry.China and the United States are fighting a trade war, one hair dint in the United States, stop for the China business enterprise after providing chip and operation software and then persecuted to death China a large science and technology business enterprise, this lets China the business enterprise lack the weakness of core technique to expose entirely.So industry once the Yan flies into into an information technique, his in a short time affirmation can not solve a hardware problem, so even if his business enterprise develops into the first in the world, once the United States chocks his neck, don't provide chip for him or not and permit his product, his business enterprise finishes having fun right away.
    And want to break this barrier, have to develop core hardware, wooden shutters blinds by so doing, affair again return to previous situation, that is to lack in great quantities concerning Gao Jians like chip,etc Be technological ex- to place a technique, and even if these ex- placed a technique to get satisfy, he also lacks will these core hardware the production come out of equipments, but these top equipments only western nation just have.So arrived an end, his development still kept being been limited by the science and technology blockader and equipments export that the United States waits a west nation.
    So the Yan flew to temporarily give up information technique industry, because this industry is a huge system engineering, he has no ability to develop this industry now.But waited until him to there is ability, will definitely get involved this industry and thoroughly break west's technique blockader for China.
    In addition to information technique industry, the living creature medicine technique is also a newly arisen industry.Rise till now from the living creature medicine, also only have short several decadeses, the related knowledge combines not as huge as foundation science and overall, can also say the living creature medicine technique is a small branch of complete science and technology treetop.The Yan flies if the good at living creature medicine technique is this branch, can economize for a great deal of time, probably get related black science and technology in the in a short time.
    If develop a manufacturing industry, the funds needing measure very greatly and not only need a great deal of land resources, but also need to buy various equipments of each kind, the in a short time basically could not see result.So fly to the Yan to say, take effect now the quickest profession is undoubtedly a living creature medicine industry.The amount of funds that the living creature medicine technique needs isn't too big, can not also use too many production places after throwing in production, wholesale Plantation shutters various production equipments also gets very easily.Once the product gets a customer to welcome, very easy in the in a short time grow to do greatly.
    Most key BE, have no in the living creature medicine profession who can block the neck that the Yan flies, as long as his business enterprise development got up, no man can impede.
    The Yan flies there are 100,000,000 cashes in the hand, so the start funds of his first step have been already had.But once the assistance Zhi brain can push perform a practical living creature medicine technique, so his company can quickly start.But his company once doing to greatly do is strong, his position is steady like huge rock, any further have no who dare to easily deal with oneself.
    The Yan flew to slowly determine his/her own viewpoint, and drew up a development to plan, hence he starts unmanned machine, it lets to hide at evil the unmanned machine of the all inshore sea ditch lend support to the Zhi brain stopped as to it's its technological resolution push to play, then make use of quantum radar to link WIFI of last oneself's home, various knowledge concerning living creature medicine for starting downloading.

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