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So Setareh
   These pants are like baggy yoga pants. The waist line isn't padded or covered in fabric. I'm not into fashion, is that the right terminology? Therefore, it itches. Since they run long (at least in my case) I just fold the waist line over and it works fine. For the price, these are great to have just so you don't go outside in pajamas.
Nelson Valenton Reyes Jr.
   Fantastic! My son loves his helmet and jersey he wears it during games every weekend! The Jersey is a little thin and can not be worn as a shirt, but other than that it's perfect.
El Madani Idoubella Ifrane
   Bought these for my grandsons, ages 4 and 2, for Christmas. They are awesome and they absolutely loved them! Highly recommend these.
Mariel Santiago
   I love jersey sheets, why aren't they everwhere? They fit so smoothly, so soft. These are very nice, generous size top sheet and deep fitted.
Paulina Dudek-Juszkiewicz
   Great quality. Love the variety of colors. The v neck is great.

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