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presses the department class

Getting rid of insect frost with skin is similar, harm Ba cancellation although frost in cutty time in become widely known in scope in the world, because to not understanding of its effect, it at the time of just becoming available in the market still keep being not accepted by the consumer.However dreamlike science and technology include before let the free experience product effect of consumer of successful experience after, this time still is invite some cancellations demanding consumers who have already harmed Ba to experience personally this product.
    Under the direct of well-known expert in the whole world, notarize in the authority organization under, people were very quick and then discovered the terrible place that harms Ba cancellation frosted.After using this product, some wound Bas of human body would quickly be got rid of.And not only harm Ba, was some tattoos on the Human bodies are also got rid of, embody very miraculous effect.
    After there being the personally appearing of experiencing, harm the sale circumstance of Ba cancellation frost beginning to quickly promote.After the second month that becomes available in the market in the product, harm Ba cancellation frost sell amount of money to come to a 1,000,000,000 rmbs on the month in the whole world, in the future may attain 1,500,000,000 rmbs.Two together previous products are compared with, scale in the market of this product is slightly small, and the sales in every year can't be more than 15,000,000,000 rmbs.
    After discovering that dreamlike science and technology again releases an all new product, those traditional cosmetics manufacturers start unclear discomfort getting up.However they still didn't arouse the vigilance of enough Gao, after all dreamlike science and technology was to sit astride boundary a development, wooden shutters blinds and this cancellation harms the market of Ba too small, they are to put very much in the mind.
    Those reporters who every moment pay attention to dreamlike science and technology and Yan to fly action, after discovering that dreamlike science and technology again releases the all new product that an individual measures 10,000,000,000 classes, they have no thin think the products that dreamlike science and technology can easily release a 10,000,000,000 class scales, but continue the hair derision Yan fly on the net and say that the Yan flies to talk unsteady heavy, brag on the open news conference overdo.Release with dreamlike science and technology of these two all new products, scale in the market only reduces weight 20% of scale in the biscuit market more, if this is the mysterious product that the Yan flies a mouth inside, how probably far super reduce weight the market of biscuit of scale?However in addition to carrying on ballyhoo on the product, dreamlike science and technology didn't carry on a response to the speech of various derision of net.
    Time continuously of passage, dreamlike technological action not and urgently not slow, its development presses the department class.The time that waits until January, dreamlike science and technology released his/her own the third all new product-skin to dispel spot frost.
    Comprehend according to this product literal sense, Plantation shutters being this product can carry on cancellation to the various spot piece of mankind's face and the body.The effect of the product that before releases according to dreamlike science and technology to see, if this product also have like the its name similar effect, so this product absolutely is a big gold mine, consider two previous products of absolute ratios larger, although reduce weight a biscuit on the still uncertain peter, scale in the market can not also differ how much.
    To know no matter it is woman or man again or is that the unwilling time is old of old man, they all will to the face or the body up appear of various spot piece the deeply bad pain is unique.And cosmetics sale in, various dispel a spot product of purchase quantity before being also a row Mao of.So as long as the target consumer of this product goes to move, absolute can dispel a skin spot frost do to greatly do strong.

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