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It's soft, comfortable and shuts out the light. Exactly what I was looking for.
   Anthony Ziino
I was looking for plain jerseys but did not want to pay $80 or more for premium (meaning high-priced) brands.I initially purchased only one Spotti jersey because I was not sure of the fit, of which I am very particular as I do not like the jersey to flop in the wind. I am 5'11" weight 175 lbs and ordered a men's medium based on sizing guidelines and other reviewers' inputs. It fit perfectly so I decided to order another short-sleeve and a long-sleeve jersey. I am pleasantly surprised by the Spotti products I have received. I would highly recommend!
   Phu Pham
A funny read, especially for a Northern girl transplanted to the deep south.!
   Marivic Lizardo Mendoza
Exactly what I wanted and as described
   Guilherme Marin

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